Week 1 General Thoughts

I hope the humour of the romantics writing books about not reading books is not lost on everyone. It reminds me of the funny idea that Lao Tzu apparently said how the Tao was indescribable, and then went ahead and wrote a 100 odd page book attempting to describe it.

It is a wonderful conundrum we have as we try to convey our thoughts to each other. Whilst our minds and imaginations are seemingly limitless, we only have our meagre language to convey our ideas. Amazing creatures that we are, we create evermore ingenious uses of this primitive tool (words) in order to transfer our thoughts and feelings to one another. We use poetry and employ rhythm and tempo in our effort to inject our experience of the world into the minds of our fellow beings.

This may be part of the magic inherent in music and art. These forms with their absence of words may have an ability to aim more directly at the psyche and, if they are successful, strike us right at the core.

However, we as Literature students must make do with words and that’s cool. A good tradesman never blames his tools. Words if used well can very successfully strike the hearts and minds of men and women.

This should be fun!