Week 5: Becoming my environment.

Busy intersection, red light. Look at this prick! Queuing across the middle. A gambler eh? Thinks he’s more important than everyone else. He can’t miss the lights, oh no! Yep, here we go. My light’s green and this asshole’s blocking me in! You selfish bastard! Staring straight ahead, not looking at us, his victims. We’ll all miss our light just so you can get through mate! Lights orange. He’s moving. Fuck it, I’m going for it. Wait a minute, is there a camera here? Teeth clenched. I don’t think there was a flash.

Another bloody busy intersection, green light. Can I fit over? No. I’m not going to sit out in the middle like that other prick. Wait a second, what’s this guy doing? Coming down my left side and stopping. Lights green and he’s not turning left. There’s a parked car in his lane on the other side of the intersection. This mongrel’s going to push in front of me. Bullshit mate! He edges forward, I go. Zip over the intersection, but I can’t fit. Now I’m hanging out blocking a lane of traffic coming from my left. My light turns red. Horns honking. I’m the prick! Stare straight ahead; avoid eye contact with my victims……

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That’s what I love about stories! They have the power to place us into, not just into other worlds, but other states of mind. Other points of view. The best stories not only keep us intrigued, but have the added ability to offer us a new perspective. It may not change our way of thinking, but at least it shows us there is another way. With each little spark comes the potential for a flame. 🙂

Week Four: First Feelings


It’s gone.


It’s gone.

I can never hold it.



It’s never now.

Or is it always?

Yeah, I was a strange kid, but I can clearly remember being fascinated by this prospect. I can’t recall how old I was, but I do know that it perplexed and annoyed my friends when I tried to discuss it. I don’t even remember an adult actually taking me seriously when I asked about it. All I knew was that it seemed like I was the only one who pondered it. It was wonderful to discover that I was not alone so many years later.

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“Poetic paradigm shift” I love it!

I was impressed by the way the artists demonstrated nature’s dominance over humans alongside its splendour. I also thought it would be all beauty and wonder prior to our trip.

Thinking now however, I understand that the sublime often infuses fear alongside fascination. Awe may well be the blending of the two. The fact that Mother Nature, whilst being astonishingly beautiful, could crush us like bugs may well add to her divinity.

Kind of eerie.

Visit to The Art Gallery of NSW

I couldn’t quite comprehend why we were visiting the Art Gallery of NSW for a literature unit, but it sounded interesting. I was quickly made aware of the relevance to us after Michael spoke about the first painting we came to. The Romantic Period was not reserved only for literature; it was a shift in the consciousness of an entire generation of artists. Music would have been another prominent champion of the movement and I am certain that listening to pieces from the period would only enrich our imaginings of the time.

I was very impressed with the stark contrast between the art of the Romantic and Victorian periods. After looking at the Victorian art I get an overwhelming sense of the ostentatious pomp and ceremony of that time. I can almost imagine what the writing will be like.

Literature represents the human attempt of using language to send messages and as students of this discipline we are obviously fascinated with this form. There are however, many ways to convey the human experience and our visit to the art gallery has highlighted that for me. Now we have the challenge of converting what we have seen and how that affected us into words.

Week2 Impressions

Walking out of my philosophy lecture, I felt like my head was about to explode! Thinking back after a good night’s sleep, I thought it would be good to remember what I enjoy about the subject.

The philosopher speaks.

Words enter my mind.

A slight stirring of recognition.

What is he on about?

It seems to make sense,

And yet it doesn’t.

My brain struggles to comprehend.

A strong sense of familiarity comforts me.

But still the message eludes.




Relax into the journey.

Trust the teacher.

Question, clarify.

Lights are coming on.

The concept is becoming clear.

I get it!

I like this game.

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You seem to have had a cool mum.
First thing I noticed was the difference between your childhood from ours here in Australia. We live in the sun most of the time.
The idea of playing in the snow just outside is totally alien to me.
However, the idea of wanting to play rather than doing homework, I think is universal.