Excuse me, do you have the time? Well I don’t actually possess time, but I am wearing a wrist watch which can inform me of what time it is. I can look at it anytime I want and it will tell me what my society has declared is the exact time of day. Of course it is probably not exact, but it is close enough. Every few minutes we glance down at it so we can know what the ‘time’ is. We are usually waiting for something to start or finish. Waiting for work to end or waiting for the party to start. The only time we don’t look down at this contraption is when we are busy. When we are actually doing what we should be doing with our precious time; living. We ‘lose all track of time’ when we are immersed in our experience. Such a bizarre ritual; to stare at a machine and watch the seconds of your life tick away.

4 thoughts on “WEEK 6: WRIST WATCH

  1. Interesting post, Nigel. I think your observations are spot on; we don’t possess time, but time possesses us. Forever waiting for- what exactly? I very much like that you mentioned that time is forgotten when immersed in something that interests us. It’s a good reminder to be present and aware that “now” is the only time we really have. By the way, daylight savings starts at 3AM- SHARP!

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  2. Hi Nigel,

    I really enjoy your writing style and how fluid it is, it gives an effect that someone rambling on or in a rush, which suits the content of the text perfectly. You have also used irony well to highlight the way in which wrist watches controls our existence.

    The only suggestion I would make is to include a picture in your post to support and enhance your writing.

    Great work!

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