I cheated and took two lines. I also decided not to ruin my poem with my hopeless drawing skills. The above photo seemed to fit perfectly with the opening lines of Blake’s poem and triggered me to write in the tone I have.


Pity would be no more,

If we did not make somebody poor,

To give a little and keep a lot,

Makes a person pious not.


Peering down from high above,

Is not the way to show your love.

One must understand when seeing thee,

But for the grace of God there goes me.


The whims of fortune can be strange,

Without warning lives may change.

Hard work brought undone by luck.

It may be you down in the muck.


In a world with such harsh disparity

We must truly embrace this thing charity

It is not just cash we should bestow

But dignity to and empathy show


We are not as separate as we may assume,

But of the same tree just a single bloom.

We are all mixed up in this ego stew,

You give to him, you give to you!

5 thoughts on “Week 4: Building on Blake’s “The Human Abstract”

  1. Hi Nigel,
    I really enjoyed your poem, particularly stanza four. I am really interested in the role luck plays in our lives. I think that too much moralizing goes on around the role of hard work in personal achievement. Hard work is important of course, but circumstances matter. “The whims of fortune can be strange” and indiscriminate. Some of our society’s most “successful” members are where they are partly because of luck of birth….and the privilege that comes with it.
    My post last week also looked a little at the role of luck, check it out if you can. https://melissafleck.wordpress.com/tag/creative-visionary/
    Your choice of photo was great too, says it all really!
    Thanks for your engaging post,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Nigel
    I’m in awe of your creative abilities this week, as I had the pleasure to view this post. The poem explores a different facet of the struggle between man and society, man and himself, and I too feel this aspect of our community is often overlooked. A stand out for me was the ‘ego stew’ of our society – although a little gross, I thought of some fantastic imagery here. The flow and continuance of Blake’s language and metre is flawless, as is the supporting image and video, which only strengthens the point of the poem. I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing, and contemplating, the content of your blog this week – great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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