I cannot count how many times I have encountered a poem during my literature study that at first glance read like;

The eagle flies south

With the skull of the broken horse

Trees with umbrellas

Weep whimsically

The monkey goes east

On a pumpkin

Flowers eat beans

With a banjo

Fire burns warm

In the water…


“What the hell is this person on about!” the class seems to exclaim in unison. Slowly but surely we uncover the hidden meaning like a fisherman untangling his line. Blake has definitely not disappointed in laying out these mythical treasure maps for us to traverse. I really enjoy this process and look forward to undertaking it with Brett Whitley’s art.

The unending layers concealed in literature and visual art offer endless possibilities for discovery and I find such joy in sharing our various interpretations on these gems. Exploring literature and art can be fun solo, but it is wonderfully enhanced when it is shared with others.


One thought on “Week 5: My Thoughts so Far

  1. Hi Nigel,
    I very much agree! Art that explores the subconscious is challenging yet fascinating. However, there isn’t always a straight answer. Brett Whiteley says “the further you go, the less you know”. I think he’s saying that the further you travel through the depths of your mind, the less you can interpret yourself.
    A similar thought occurred to me yesterday after asking a friend to read a poem I’d written. He asked what the symbolism of the owl was in my poem. I thought, laughed and said that I didn’t really know and gave some possible interpretations.
    You are definitely correct, art offers endless possibilities.
    I look forward to reading more of your work.
    Audrey ॐ

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