“They couldn’t help you or save you because they simply couldn’t hear you.” Wow, such a creepy idea! It’s amazing how our imaginations can turn a simple walk into a treacherous adventure. I remember as a kid we would dare each other to walk through the dark tunnels of the local water canals. Logic assures us that we will be fine, but a child’s mind can conjure up all types of horrors; rats, snakes, a crazy homeless guy! The concern of being washed away by a raging torrent that came out of nowhere was always a good one.

This blog gave me an eerie sense of “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. It is truly a chilling thought to be in peril and have your salvation so close, but just out of reach. The horror movie cliché of struggling to get the keys in the ignition as the psycho killer approaches works on this principle I think.

The blog may not be exactly related to what MG’s question asked, but I agree with you that you have drawn on a connection between the inner and outer realms of a person. Intriguing.



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