Shakespeare Peer Review 7

Awesome! It was so cool how you seemed to merge poetry and prose. The altered positioning of the words visually added to the  atmosphere you were creating. Very inspirational and creative. Running may not always be possible,  sometimes you may stumble and it is fine to slow it down a bit while you  catch your breath. Moving forward is moving forward. Always remember the hare and the tortoise 🙂


Shakespeare Peer Review 6

I agree this painting is a wonderful blending of images and ideas that allows the viewer to use their imagination to add a to the already complex story taking place. You did an excellent job of describing the subject and meaning of the picture, but I would have enjoyed reading where your imagination took you. I’m sure it would be very different from mine and that can be a lot of fun.


Shakespeare Peer Review 3

It really was an exiting production! Such a kinetic experience. Listening to the director and Actor talk I heard the set described as a “jungle gym” by two of the performers.They really played with the scaffold and this gave me a greater sense of their characters youth and vibrancy. Although I found it difficult to remove my Occupational Health and Safety hat and not worry about accidents and compensation claims 🙂


Shakespeare Peer Review 1

Yes, it is nice to know that Shakespeare’s writing is not completely unattainable, but it sure feels like it sometimes! I am hoping that Michael will help us find at least some of the keys to unlock the mysteries in these multiple layered plays. There is so much to be found in Shakespeare’s writing. It truly is an adventure!